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Tracy Dearden – CBT COACH

I’m a practising life coach, working mainly from a cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) paradigm. Effectively, it means that I’m able to provide rapid solutions for anxiety, panic, and other unhelpful emotional states. My philosophy is that there is a tool for everything. You just need to match the tool to the person, problem, or situation.

Tracy Dearden CBT Coach

Individualised Coaching

Cognitive behaviour therapy is typically a 4- 12 session process, especially when the issue is an anxiety disorder or stress-related. The objective is to get you to the point where you can—and do—use the tools you learn. In this way you quickly become independent of, instead of dependent on, the coach or therapist.
CBT is collaborative in the sense that we work together to make sense of where you are, identify where you want to be, and then form a plan to get you there as quickly as possible.

Introduction to CBT

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) offers an evidence-based, rapid approach to psychological challenges, focusing on developing coping skills for the present and future. CBT is especially relevant for:

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders: Panic and social anxiety

Coping skills for anxiety disorders, like panic and social anxiety, help manage the intense fear and distress experienced in certain situations. Panic attacks lead to sudden, overwhelming anxiety, while social anxiety creates extreme discomfort in social interactions, affecting daily life and overall well-being.
Stress management and building resilience

Stress management and building resilience

Stress management and building resilience are crucial for handling daily challenges. These coping resources are personalized to suit your unique circumstances and personality, empowering you to effectively navigate the demands of life.

Life-skills training

Life-skills training encompasses various essential abilities for personal growth and success. This includes learning how to express oneself confidently (assertion), interacting effectively with others (social skills), self-control, resolving conflicts peacefully, and practicing mindfulness for emotional well-being.
Self-Help Solutions

Self-Help Solutions

There is a high demand for CBT services, which is a clear indication of how effective it is. Naturally, my time is limited so I’ve created various self-help solutions. These solutions provide the opportunity for you to get the help and support you need while you’re waiting to see me. In many cases, people report that the tools made all the difference.


You can be confident in CBT’s effectiveness as it has undergone extensive research and testing for decades. It has been proven to be as powerful as medication in addressing anxiety and depression, while also promoting a more confident and healthier mindset.
“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” – Victor Frankl

CBT, or cognitive behaviour therapy, is a psychotherapy approach that focuses on changing negative thought patterns and behaviours to improve mental well-being.

CBT can help you by providing effective strategies to change negative thought patterns and behaviours, leading to improved mental well-being, and coping with various challenges in life.

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